Thank you for choosing Carolina Center For Specialty Surgery. In preparation for your procedure, we need to inform you about the charges for the services that will be rendered and your obligation to pay the charges that may not be covered by your insurance company.


As a courtesy, prior to the date of surgery, Carolina Center For Specialty Surgery will verify patient insurance coverage and benefits. We will make every effort to communicate this information to you before the surgery date. If you have any changes in your insurance policy, notify us prior to your surgery date. Please remember your insurance policy is a contract between you and your insurance company, and it is your responsibility to know the coverage and limitations of your policy, and there is no guarantee of payment. Therefore, all charges are ultimately your responsibility.


We require payment of your deductible, co-payment, and co-insurance prior to your procedure. We accept cash, checks, debit cards, and credit cards, including Visa, Master Card and Discover only. Please call our office prior to your surgery date if special payment arrangements are necessary.

Please note that the fee you paid in your surgeon’s office is separate from any fees incurred at our surgery center.


Depending on the procedure, you may receive separate bills for each of the following:

  • Carolina Center For Specialty Surgery – This cost includes nursing care, medications, standard supplies, and use of the operating and recovery rooms. Please note that any balance due to Carolina Center For Specialty Surgery must be paid within 60 days from the receipt of your first statement. Our billing office can be reached at (704) 831-4402.
  • The surgeon’s fee for performing the surgery
  • The anesthesiologist, for anesthesiology services
  • Perioperative Services
  • Laboratory tests or X-rays prior to the procedure
  • Other care providers such as pathologist, radiologist, and/or surgical assistants

Refunds: Final charges are based on procedure(s) actually performed, which may result in a different charge than the estimate given. If our original estimate was higher than the cost of the procedure actually performed, our billing office (704-831-4402) will refund your overpayment in a timely manner.

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